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Madison Blackwell, California Real Estate Agent


DRE  #02193982


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Meet Madison, a passionate individual driven by a genuine desire to make a positive impact in people's lives. Her journey in psychology and years of dedicated customer service have cultivated a deep-rooted eagerness to assist others. Originally immersed in the world of Commercial real estate in bustling Los Angeles, Madison later found her haven in breathtaking Ventura County, where she now resides with her husband and their beloved dog, Zo.

Madison's commitment to continuous learning ensures that those she interacts with feel at ease, well-informed about every step of the transaction process. Beyond her professional pursuits, Madison thrives on fostering community connections through activities she holds dear. Picture her leading local hikes, embarking on mountain biking adventures, organizing delightful doggy play dates, or sweating it out in outdoor workout sessions. And let's not forget her quest for the perfect coffee and breakfast spots!


A true Southern California enthusiast, Madison cherishes the beauty of homeownership, values the essence of friendship, and celebrates the joys of partnership. She's not just a real estate professional; she's your go-to person for creating a sense of belonging and shared experiences within the community.

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